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March 15, 2008



I am so very sorry for your loss.

My whole family is right now.


Laurie, I am so sorry. How hard that you were away when this happened, but also lucky that your parents are such good proxies. We were away when Chance got sick, too, and it made things even tougher.

I'll be thinking about you and Punkin.


So sorry for your loss, Laurie. I know it's hard for you being across the planet right now, but your parents were there for Punkin and he knows you love him. You're a good doggie mom. Have a good trip, despite all the sadness.


When I saw your email this morning, I gasped. See last night, our old dog (she's almost 15) started struggling to sleep. She cried almost all night. In pain. In confusion. Couldn't get comfortable.

We've been putting off the inevitable - first because the little kids were in England and they kept telling us on the phone that they would be broken hearted if she died before they came home. And then, once they were home the weather warmed up and she was feeling better. This winter, she's been struggling and we've just been holding off because we wanted more time even though we knew we would have to do it before we move to Chicago this summer.

Anyway, last night - was horrible, for all of us. So we'll go through the next couple of days with her, on some doggy pain killers and give the kids a chance to say goodbye on Monday and then she'll become... something else. Maybe she and your pup will be friends.


It is so painful to lose a pet who has been part of your life--it just is, and it never gets any easier--not with time, not with age. That's how it should be since they are so worth it.

I have a butterfly garden to which I'm adding some plants in memory of my pets. I'll think of your sweet dog when I plant some flowers.

Give yourself time to cry.

Maria Niles

Oh Laurie, I'm so sorry. I know from experience there are no words. I hope you can feel the hugs, love and support I am sending.


Laurie, I’m so sorry to hear about Punkin. He was such a sweet (and at times lovably crazy) little puppy. Hang in there and here is a big hug for you!


Hi Laurie,

I'm so very sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. May the many wonderful memories you have of him help get you through this very tough time.



Oh Laurie:

My heart is a little broken for you. But Punkin is now in Dog Heaven, where the angels all have doggie treats in their pockets, and he gets to chase geese and look in on you whenever he wants to. I'm sure that's what he's doing now...& wondering just here the hell you are? I love you, honey.



Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I really cannot thank everyone enough who has commented here and over at BlogHer. This is really a very sad time for me, as "in motion" as I have to be on this trip, and it makes me feel much less alien to get these messages from all of you. This has never been a "pet blog" per se but he was a pretty big presence in all I did. Plus he's up there in the photo. I guess I should change it now but I don't know to what, so I won't for awhile.

Y'all are the best. The tears you gave me were good ones.

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