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June 08, 2009


Karen @ Planet Books

That last photo is just sooooo GORGEOUS! Fantastic!


Just because I am a Fussypants, I have to tell you that the flower is not plumeria, but Carissa macrocarpa, the Natal Plum, a native of South Africa. It is one of the few plants that has both milky sap and edible fruit.


Those are great suggestions that I'm looking forward to trying. Thanks!


Thanks Karen!

And thanks Sue - fussypants away. I had no idea what it was called and a few Facebook people said plumeria so I ran with it. That also explains why I wanted to eat it.

Hi Cyndy - great! I hope it helps.


Your photography is just getting better and better.

Secret Admirer

I love that picture of you; you are very beautiful!


Laurie - is this the piece you were writing over here? This is a terrific piece--you totally rock, girl. Wow.


You posted a ShakeItPhoto pic, but you linked to the ShakeIt. They are different apps.
You should give correct credit to such a great app :)


Thank you for the information. However, please don't "should" me, smiley or no. I welcome constructive criticism, but not patronization. Are you a Shake It Photo rep? Because if so, your approach to someone who has - incorrect link or no - said nothing but positive things about the application on a Web site that receives thousands of hits per day could use a little work.

The correction will be made.

Ben Waterproof

WOW that ocean picture is so beautiful

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