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March 18, 2010



I'm inspired. I'll do it. Thank you.


I love love love your post. I had a bad bike wreck when I was 12 and had reconstructive plastic surgery on my chin. I had skin graft from my hip. My big brother calls me "Butthead" to this day because of it. And I whine back, "It was my hiiiiiipppp!!!" My plastic surgeon was also a hippie. He wore beads and a T-shirt from Bora Bora.

You rock the lipstick, Laurie. And so much more.


You're incredible. Your words, your person, you are amazing. I'm honored to know you.

Maria Niles

I remember you reading and both your words and you were beautiful. I hope one day you can watch the video because you should see what I saw.



You are phenomenal woman, the whole enchilada... with sauce. You give me chills in such a good way when I read your posts.

Deb on the Rocks

Ha, thought you were writing about something else today.

I LOVE the post you read at Community Keynote. Love it so.

And that experience was a life highlight, it really was, in large part because of that magical green room. I fell so hard for you and our other cohorts and was so grateful to begin to call you my friend, my wicked genius friend.

And so YES writers all should submit. Be brave. Throw down. It's so, so good to do.


I'm with Maria.


What an absolutely stunning piece of writing. Truly stunning.

I'm always amazed at the disconnect between what we sometimes see most in ourselves and what others see first in us. I see your genius, your unwavering loyalty and friendship, the sense of humor that has me guffawing at my desk when I should be looking busy. You are such a beautiful woman, my dear, just so, so lovely.

I'm raising a glass to your successes, and to taking on a challenge that clearly petrifies introverts like us.

Not to mention 99 percent of the extroverts.

With much, much love and admiration,
Kris Likey


Your post still gives me chills.

And I'm so everlastingly glad I met you that night. Knowing what I know now, I would have done it naked if it meant I got to meet you!


I was not there but I watched the video of you reading it and bawled. But then I bawled when I read you post after you first posted it.

Save me a seat by you at the community keynote. You bring the wine, I'll bring the tissues.

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