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April 13, 2010



This really resonates with me. I had a strikingly similar relationship that rocketed up and crashed down more times than I can remember. There are those people who are just in your life even if they aren't anymore. For me it's down to memories and fantasies for the most part. It's a small piece of home that I visit now and then. Your story took me back. Thank you.

Mr Lady

And just like that, we are square even with the OUCH.

My makeup told me to tell you, "Well played, sister, well played indeed." :)


You put it so well. What happens. Truly.

Ann's Rants

You went back to that regretful place I so rarely allow myself to go.

But it is real.

and it is youth and lost opportunities and the rush of NEW NEW NEW

and we can never fully let go of that.

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I appreciate your insights and agree with what you wrote.

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