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September 29, 2010


Jo Anna Guerra

Really beautifully written.

Sue @ Laundry for Six

Wow. What a job. And what a great place for you to be.


Yay! For both of you, and for the having the kind of experience we so rarely get in this life. How utterly wonderful.


You are a great teacher. The end.

Elizabeth @ Table for Five

That put tears in my eyes. That boy is lucky to have you as a mentor.


I cried, my love. This is why we need teachers. This is why the world is lucky to have you.


Holy moly, Laurie. This is wonderfully written, and I'm so glad you shared it with us.

Melissa Lasko

How beautiful. And how wonderful you share it with us! If only all the kids teetering on the brink of -- failure? collapse? being forgotten? stuck in rotten circumstances through no fault of their own? -- had you, and people just like you (FINALLY - the case for cloning we've all been waiting for! LOL) there for them, to quietly and gently teach and hope and guide them to a life full of great possibilities and fulfillment! WOW!


Maybe not this coach, but somebody else will recognize why this kid is great.

I think being a teacher really must be like being a parent sometimes except you don't get to hug them like you want to.

(You can also just write off the annoying ones, but that is comment for another time.)


Damn you, you made me cry.

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