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January 25, 2012


kristen howerton

More joy - I love that. I want to aspire to that, too. I hope you find it, friend.


Sometimes doing something, even when it is the right thing is fucking hard to do. We get frozen in our comfortable ruts, even when the edges of them begin to chafe.

I am in my last year of my 30s now. I'm starting over in life and I don't even know what my path will or should be anymore.

But I like the idea of more joy. I hope we both find it.


Yes, here's to more joy. To figuring it out, or at least enjoying the ride, even the stationary ride, the sand in our toes.


Yes, let this be a year of more joy.


We are all children until we die. That is something I've picked up recently, and it comforts me when I feel overwhelmed and lost.

Katherine @ Postpartum Progress

God you kill me. Laurie, you are an amazing writer. When I grow up I want to write like you. Which will never happen, but it's okay for a girl to dream. This post is just award-winning.

p.s. Love Mary Oliver.

sweetsalty kate

'One wild and precious life' will stay with me. So very lovely and true.

Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

Your post caught my eye on Kristen's site because I heard that Mary Oliver poem for the very first time yesterday morning--in church. So beautiful, and expresses so well what my last year has been like.

It's a gift to see your words in a similar vein here this morning.


I love this, Laurie. The way you write out your truths is wild and precious. Thank you.


More joy, indeed. My goal this year sounds less poetic, but, being someone who always dives into much more complicated thoughts and answers than necessary, here it is: "Simple solutions". I'm paring down on the bullshit, so to speak.

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