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March 20, 2012



Thank you for saying this. I wish I had more words, but I have only tears. Thank you.


Well said my friend


Beautiful post Laurie. I wish everyone would read it. It needs to be read.

Kimberley McGill

You are amazing. thank you

Dawn @thedalaima

Yes. Amazingly eloquent.


If only more people would work out their assumptions, beliefs, confusions, fears and shame with words instead of guns--we wouldn't be here.

What a travesty.

Amazing post.

Deb Rox

I believe that this is true, too. Very well said.


Beautiful post. Everyone should read this.




Laurie, this magnificent, passionate piece of writing needs to be in more venues. Your voice, as always, reaches into the pain o f the issue and wrings a response from it. I have spent the day feeling miserable about this event, and I could not begin to articulate the horror and grief that came over me whenever I thought about this teen's murder and the shameful response from the police. In reading your words, I am finding my words.

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