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March 20, 2012



Laurie, your words are amazing and those young men have a wonderful person guiding them and listening to them.
Part of me wishes that this was a blank page because this issue no longer existed, but until that is true I am glad that someone with your gift of words is speaking out.


Excellent, simply excellent. I just wish this tragedy didn't happen to prompt such a heartfelt response to the value all men should have regardless of their skin color. Thank God you are there in some of these young men's lives to help them some way big or small to be successful. Much love, Kelly H.

james white

thank you for speaking up...




"asking for something more from and for them, because he knows it is possible with hard work and with someone in front of you of any color anywhere but especially who look like you, any someones who believe it, telling you that you can, that this is what you, quite simply, have to make come true to the best of your ability."
This is perfectly said. Thank you.


It is interesting to me how many people are pre-judging the shooter even as they demand to know why he pre-judged the boy. In essence, by calling the shooter an 'animal' who clearly needs to be punished, you are practicing precisely the same mentality you supposedly condemn.

I always get a bit nervous when great mobs of people start clamoring for a particular brand of justice even before the facts are known. "Mob justice" is mob justice, regardless of which side of an issue one stands.

I haven't a clue how this case will play out, but I would urge everyone to take a deep breath and allow the investigation to unfold. I believe there is a universal/karmic justice that plays out at a level to which none of us is aware, and our actions (or reactions) to these cases says as much about us as the two individuals involved in this case.


I'm not part of a mob and nor am I suggesting a mob mentality be used here or in any situation. These are my reflections and opinions. I expect no one to share them, although it would be nice if others spoke up too, as you have the freedom to do here. I'm sorry that's what you took away from post that is just as much about a generations-long struggle for basic equality and humane treatment as it is about a specific crime.

I'll wait for facts, but yes I will judge an armed person who shot an unarmed boy. I believe in karma too, but it doesn't help dead teenagers, or centuries of bigotry and racially-motivated violence. People have waited too long for better, and any oppressed person would have the right to consider a suggestion to wait for universal/karmic justice an insult.


When you use terms like "animal" to describe the shooter you are not, in fact, "waiting for the facts" but have clearly made up your mind as to the guilt of the shooter.

History does indeed teach us lessons, foremost among them that we humans are all too willing to cast stones before we've walked even a minute in the shoes of another.

Sometimes the lessons to be learned in these things aren't from the arena but from the spectators themselves.


Isn't there sufficient evidence to determine that the suspect did kill the teenager? Regardless of formal charges, he is guilty of the act.


Well said. So sad.

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