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May 17, 2013



Good stuff


I love this. It rules. It's awesome for you to keep track, for you to share, but MORE awesome for US who want to read what you're working on and may miss the links. So thank you. And it makes me feel way better about writing this kind of post (once a week!) when other people do it. So thanks. You rule.


I'm happy to say I read and enjoyed nearly all of these pieces. It's not that I didn't like the remaining ones... I just haven't read them yet. So, thank you for putting them all in one easy to find place. PS: I hate money too. Really really really hate it and there are very few things of which I will even use the word hate.


TELL ME HOW TO BE YOU. I mean, I'm a DINK with a degree, a steady 9-5 gig and no debt, so I feel pretty good about life. But I enter numbers, listed on a page, into the computer. All day. No one who blogs thinks this is The One. Reveal the secret path to Oneness, "when money and creativity and the internet coincide". I want to build a house there.

PS - loved your MamaPop piece. I don't have any plans about procreating, feeling massively ambivalent to either side; it's nice to hear about the solo side, especially, since I think we all know how outspoken the picket-fence consortium can be.

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