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July 18, 2013



You just described my life's internal struggle. I am miserable at my job but it provides more for my family than anything else I could replace it with. For me, it's almost a matter of my happiness vs. that of the rest of my family and it hurts to think about.

I think you are incredibly brave for not only doing what you did, but also for not sugar coating how hard it is, like we see so often. Good luck and even though I have little to offer, let m eknow if there's ever anything I can do :D


I just read the "without a net" entry before clicking on Home, since comments were no longer allowed on that one.

I say, good on you for being dynamic, and not stagnant, and TRYING.

I've been stagnant for a long time, and I've been trying to figure out which direction to jump, for a good while now.

Fortunately, it is a life of freelancing and low-budget traveling that I've been doing, loving, and am trying to walk away from, so I've fulfilled some of my wanderlust.

Here's to the next chapters, for both of us!

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